Overrun is a post-apocalyptic zombie shooting survival game that puts you in charge of a group of survivors. Build a strong base, grow your team, and equip your them with brutal weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse.


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Overrun throws you into a post apocalypse zombie world where your survival is on the line. Build a defense against the zombies, equip your survivors with devastating weapons, and fight the horde of zombies to progress to each new map location.

Unlock new weapons, turrets, and barricades to hold back the zombies as you fight for your survival. Recruit new survivors to your team and level them up until they are the ultimate zombie slayers!

Development Road Map

Below is what we plan on bringing to Overrun in the coming months. This is subject to change but generally is what we intend on doing.


The first public release of the game. One level, infinite waves of zombies, unlockables up to wave 30.

Version 1.0 - 1.50

Many bug fixes, performance, and quality of life improvements based on the feedback of the community 🙂

Version 1.50 - FEATURES

  • Survivors no longer die, downed survivors now return at the end of the wave.
  • Added a button to refresh shop inventory.
  • Added cloud saves to sync progress across devices.
  • Added a fast forward time button.
  • Added 12 new achievements (with more to come in future).
  • Added leaderboards for the most kills, Z Bucks, and highest wave achieved.
  • Added more ways to get FREE Z Bucks.
  • Combined build mode and demolish mode in to one 'construction mode'.
  • Fixed lots more minor bugs in the game and tweaked the balance of the game.

Version 1.60 - PERFORMANCE

Massive performance improvements and added the ability to rename survivors

Version 1.70 - MAPS

  • Added a mew map system and a new map 'Construction Site'.
  • Structures now go red to show how damaged they are.
  • Added a repair kit item to repair structures in-game.
  • Added repair all button in the construction menu.
  • Added brightness slider in settings for night time visibility.
  • Balanced stats of guns, structures and items.

Version 1.80 - TAKE CONTROL

  • Added a new twin-stick mode for controlling individual survivors!
  • Improved build mode controls.
  • Major pathfinding performance improvements.

Version 1.90 - POWER PLANT

  • Added a new 'Power Plant' map.
  • Added a new radiation zombie that slowly damages all survivors in a radius.
  • Added a new demolisher zombie that tries to blow up your defenses.
  • Added a stun grenade to stop zombies in their tracks temporarily.
  • The last wave on a map now is a boss wave with an extra 50% difficulty boost.
  • Added an oil barrel structure that explodes and spreads fire like a molotov when it is destroyed.
  • Minor bug fixes, performance improvements, tweaks and balancing.


  • Add support for multiple languages starting with Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German.
  • Overhaul the tutorial to introduce players to the new features added since version 1.0.

Version 2.10 - ELECTRICITY

  • Add electricity system and electrical structures and traps.
  • Add 2 new maps, the 'Trailer Park' and 'Quarantine Zone'.
  • Add new zombie types for each new map.
  • Add a jump button in twin-stick mode to allow players to jump over obstacles.

Version 2.20 - EXTRAS

  • Add a new 'The Suburbs' map.
  • Add the legendary 'Ray Gun' weapon that deals area damage as well as a large amount of damage to the zombie it hits.

Version 2.30 - FINAL MAPS

  • Add the final 2 maps 'Hospital' and 'Military Base'.
  • Add raider waves where enemy survivors attack the camp.

Version 2.40 - POWER UPS

  • Add power ups that are dropped by zombies when they die and can be collected by survivors.
  • Change the way structures are demolished to allow them to be easily rebuilt and repaired during a wave.

Version 2.50 - STORY

  • Implement the story mode, cutscenes and all.

Version 2.60 - PERFORMANCE

  • Massive performance improvements to bullets.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 2.70 - CROSS PLATFORM

  • Add controller support.
  • Overhaul the user interface for controller use.
  • Begin work on the PC / Mac port of the game.

Version 3+ - FUTURE IDEAS

  • Add skills to some of the survivors that give them active and passive abilities.
  • Add a challenge system to keep 3 active challenges that when completed give sweet rewards.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions for future updates 😎

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